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Recent Publications

Donna Lee Bowen, Professor of Political Science

2011. With Valerie Hudson and Perpetua Lynne Nielson, “What is the Relationship between Inequity in Family Law and Violence against Women? Approaching the Issue of Legal Enclaves.” Politics and Gender 7 (2011) 1-40.

Michael Cope, Professor of Sociology

"Access to Health Care among Older Rural Women Veterans in Utah."
“Geographically Differentiated Support Resources on Perceived Household Preparedness in Disaster Prone Coastal Communities.”
“Post-Feminism for Children: Feminism ‘Repackaged’ in the Bratz videos.”
“Changing Friendship Patterns among Middletown Women.” Paper presented at the annual meetings of the Rural Sociological Society, Manchester, NH, 2008.

Rachel Cope, Assistant Professor of LDS Church History and Doctrine

“The Cultivation of Conversion in the Lives of Nineteenth-Century New York Women” in Laurence Lux-Sterritt, ed. Women and Spirituality in the English-Speaking World, (Cambridge Scholars Press), forthcoming, 2011.
“Emptied and Filled: Catherine Livingston Garrettson’s Quest for Sanctification,” in Brett McInelly, ed. Religion in the Age of Enlightenment Vol. 3, (New York: AMS Press), forthcoming.
“Within and Without: Mary Frances Sturlaugson as a Symbol of Transformation in Mormon Missions,” International Bulletin of Missionary Research, forthcoming, 2011.
“Zina Baker Huntington,” in Rick E. Turley and Brittany A. Chapman, eds. Women of Faith in the Latter Days Vol. 1, (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book), 2011.
“New Ways In: Writing Interdisciplinary Mormon History,” Journal of Mormon History, forthcoming, Spring 2012.
--- et al. “No More Strangers: A Discussion by LDS Scholars in Women’s Studies/History,” Religious Educator, forthcoming, Fall 2011.

Sarah M. Coyne, Associate Professor in the School of Family Life

Padilla-Walker, L. M., Coyne, S. M., Fraser, A., & Stockdale, L. (2013).
"Is Disney the nicest place on earth? Prosocial behavior in Disney films." Journal of Communication, 63, 393-412.

Coyne, S.M., Busby, D., Bushman, B.J., Gentile, D. A., Ridge, R., & *Stockdale, L. (2012).
"Gaming in the game of love: Effects of video games on conflict in couples". Family Relations, 61, 388-396.

Coyne, S.M., Linder, J. R., Nelson, D. A., & Gentile, D. A. (2012).
“Frenemies, Fraitors, and Mean-em-aitors”: Priming effects of viewing physical and relational aggression in the media on women. Aggressive Behavior, 38, 141-149.

*McDaniel, B. T., Coyne, S. M., & Holmes, E. K. (2012).
"New mothers and media use: Associations between blogging, social networking, and maternal well-being". Maternal and Child Health Journal, 16, 1509-1517.

Coyne, S. M., Padilla-Walker, L. M., *Stockdale, L., & Day, R. D. (2011).
“Game on…girls”: Associations between co-playing video games and adolescent behavioral and family outcomes". Journal of Adolescent Health, 49, 160-165.

*Hahn-Holbrook, J., Holt-Lunstad, J., Holbrook, C., Coyne, S. M., & Lawson, E.T. (2011).
"Maternal defense: Breastfeeding increases aggression by reducing stress". Psychological Science, 22, 1288-1295.

Amy Easton-Flake, Assistant Professor of Ancient Scripture

"Suffrage Caricatures: Henry James's Bostonians and the British Popular Press." Symbiosis: A Journal of Transatlantic Literary and Cultural Relations (forthcoming Fall 2014)
"Harriet Beecher Stowe's Multi-faceted Response to the Nineteenth-Century Woman Question." New England Quarterly. 86.1 (March 2013)
"Mormon Women and the Problem of Historical Agency (A Roundtable Discussion)." Religious Educator 12.2 (Fall 2011). 144-46.

Jessie L. Embry, Associate Director, Charles Redd Center of Western Studies

"Diploma Nursing at Salt Lake Religious Based Hospitals," Utah Historical Quarterly 76 (Summer 2008): 281-299.
Setting the Record Straight: Mormons and Polygamy. Orem, UT: Millennial Press, 2007.
"'Such is Our Heritage': Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museums" (with Mauri Liljenquist Nelson), Defining Memory: Local Museums and the Construction of History in America's Changing Communities, Amy K. Levin, ed. Lanham, MD: AltaMira Press, 2007. 161-176.
"Women and LDS Church Sports," Mormon Historical Studies 9 (Spring 2008): 59-84.

Cynthia Finlayson, Associate Professor of Anthropology (Ancient, Classical, and Islamic Archaeology and Museum Studies)

2009 “Mot’a Marriage in the Roman Near East—The Evidence from Palmyra, Syria.” Book chapter in The World of Ancient Near Eastern Women published by Cambridge Scholars Press, England. Peer Reviewed. (20 pp).

For Submission to the Cambridge Feminist Journal on Religion and the Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research:
1. Women in Religion and Cult in Roman Syria.
Being Developed for the Emmeline B. Wells and Mentoring Grants
2. Costume and Female Identity in Ottoman Syria: Textiles from the Azem Palace-Damascus. Book publication.

Renata Forste, Professor and Chair of Sociology

Forste, Renata, & Kiira Fox. 2012. “Household Labor, Gender Roles, and Family Satisfaction: A Cross-National Comparison.” Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 43(5):613-631.

Forste, Renata, & Wade C. Jacobsen. 2013. “Divorced Mothers and Higher Education in Utah.” Marriage & Family Review, 49(4):330-348.

Gibbs, Benjamin, & Renata Forste. (forthcoming).“Socioeconomic Status, Infant Feeding Practices, and Early Childhood Obesity.” Pediatric Obesity. (online version available April, 2013)

Gibbs, Benjamin G., & Renata Forste. (forthcoming). “Breastfeeding, Parenting, and Early Cognitive Development.” The Journal of Pediatrics.

“Are U.S. Mother’s Meeting the Healthy People 2010 Breastfeeding Targets for Initiation, Duration, and Exclusivity?" (with John P. Hoffmann) The 2003 and 2004 National Immunization Surveys. Journal of Human Lactation 24.3 (2008): 278-288.

“Domestic Violence, Couple Interaction and Children’s Health in Latin America” (with Tim Heaton). Journal of Family Violence, 23.3 (2008):183-193.

“Fighting Families: Family Characteristics Associated with Domestic Violence in Five Latin American Countries” (with Dallan F. Flake). Journal of Family Violence 21.1 (2006):19-29.

"Informal Unions in Mexico and the United States" (with Tim Heaton). Journal of Comparative Family Studies 38.1 (2007): 55-69.

“Single Parents in a Two-Parent State: The Characteristics of Single-Parent Households in Utah.” In Cathleen Zick and Ken Smith (eds). Utah at the Beginning of the New Millennium – A Demographic Perspective, chapter 15, pp. 167-176, SLC, UT: University of Utah Press, 2006

Mara García, Professor of Spanish American Literature

“Descifrando Enigmas de la esfinge de Rosse Marie Caballero.” (2009).
El papel femenino y la invención de realidades en El sueño de la Malinche de Marcela del Río”. Alba de América ILCH 47-48.25(2006): 263-272.
“Elena Garro: La señora en su balcón”. Yo quiero que haya mundo… Elena Garro 50 años de dramaturgia. Eds. Patricia Rosas Lopátegui. México, DF: Editorial Porrúa, 2008. 234-241.
Elena Garro: Un recuerdo sólido. Edition, introduction and bibliography by Mara García. Xalapa, Veracruz: Colección Cuadernos. Instituto de investigaciones linguistico-literarias. Universidad Veracruzana, 2009.

Escritoras bolivianas de hoy. Edition, Introduction and Interviews by Mara L.García. Santa Cruz: Editorial La Hoguera, 2008.
“Hablemos con Gaby Vallejo Canedo” Grafemas (2007).
“La mujer y el prurito por dominar el espacio público en Inés Arredondo". Ed. Patricia Rosas Lopátegui.Trangresión femenina. California: Editorial Floricanto Press de California, 2010. 328-343.
“Literatura boliviana en vitrina: Bolivia está presente en la obra de sus escritoras”. Interview of Mara García by Haydeé Vargas. Barcelona: Hispano & Punto 29 (2011):10.
“Lo inverosimil y lo femenino en María Soledad Quiroga y Elena Garro”. Tinta Expresa: Revista de Literatura 4.4 (2010): 79-86.
“Lo sobrenatural y lo inadmisible en Amparo Dávila e Isabel Mesa de Inchauste”. Pórtico 4 (2009): 39-52.

Leslie Hadfield, Professor of History

“Challenging the Status Quo: Young Women and Men in Black Consciousness Community Work, 1970s South Africa,” Journal of African History, 54, 2 (July 2013): 247-267

Jennifer Haraguchi, Assistant Professor of Italian

"Laura Cereta,” Cambridge Dictionary of Christianity, edited by Daniel M. Patte, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010, p. 182.
“Reinforcing Rules of Conduct in Eleonora Ramirez di Montalvo’s Rappresentazione delle virtù e de’ vizi,” Scenes from Italian Convent Life: An Anthology of Theatrical Texts and Contexts (15th-17th centuries), edited by Elissa Weaver, Ravenna: Longo Editore, 2009, pp. 171-192.
“Debating Women’s Fashion in Renaissance Venice,” A Well-Fashioned Image: Clothing and Costume in European Art, 1500-1850, edited by Elissa Weaver and Elizabeth Rodini, University of Chicago Press, 2002, pp. 22-34.

Tim Heaton, Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies Executive Committee Member

2009 Heaton, Tim B. “Religion, Sexually Risky Behavior, and Reproductive Health: The Mormon Case.” Pp. 368-384 in Christopher B. Ellison and Robert A. Hummer (eds.)
Religion, Families and Health. Rutgers University Press: New Brunswick, New Jersey.
2010 Fu, Xuaning and Tim B. Heaton. “Interracial Marriage, Family Type and Consequential Family Socioeconomic Well-being in Hawai'i.” Pp 159-181 in Hamilton McCubbin et. al (Eds.), Multi Ethnicity and Multi Ethnic Families. Le'a Publications: Honolulu, Hawai'i.
2011 Tim B. Heaton and Cardell K. Jacobson. “Demographic, Social and Economic Characteristics of a Polygamist Community on the Utah/Arizona Boarder". Pp. 151-161 in Cardell K. Jacobson with Lara Burton (Eds.). Modern Polygamy in the United States. New York: Oxford University Press.
2008 Cardell K. Jacobson and Tim B. Heaton. “Comparative Patterns of Interracial Marriage: Structural Opportunities, Third Party Factors, and Temporal Change in Immigrant Societies.” Journal of Comparative Family Studies 39:129-148
2008 Tim B. Heaton and Renata Forste. “Domestic Violence, Couple Interaction and Children’s Health in Latin America.” Journal of Family Violence 23:183-193.
2006 Fu, Xuanning and Tim B. Heaton. “Racial and Educational Homogamy:1980 to 2000.” Sociological Perspectives 51:735-758.
2011 Heaton, Tim B. “Does Religion Influence Fertility in Developing Countries” Population Research and Policy Review 30:449-465
2012 Heaton, Tim B. “Religion and Family Change in Ghana.” Forthcoming in Journal of Family Issues.
2012 Heaton, Tim B. “Religion and Socioeconomic Status in Developing Nations: A Comparative Approach.” Forthcoming in Social Compass.

Valerie Hegstrom, Associate Professor of Spanish Literature and Coordinator of Women's Studies

Comedia Scholarship and Performance: El muerto disimulado from the Archive to the Stage.” Comedia Performance 4.1 (2007): 152-78.
La muerte del apetito by Sor Marcela de san Félix, Winter 2008. (BYU College of Humanities Theater Festival, BYU Idaho, and U of Utah.) [Mentored theater production.] “Early Modern Dramaturgas: A Contemporary Performance History,” Co-authored with Amy R. Williamsen. Remaking theComedia: Spanish Classical Theater in Adaptation. Eds. Harley Erdman and Susan Paun de García. Woodbridge, Suffolk: Tamesis, 2015. 83-92. “El convento como espacio escénico y la monja como actriz: montajes teatrales en tres conventos de Valladolid, Madrid y Lisboa.” Letras en la celda: Cultura escrita de los conventos femeninos en la España moderna. Eds. Nieves Baranda Leturio and María Carmen Marín Pina. Madrid: Iberoamericana – Vervuert, 2014. 363-78.

Erin Holmes, Assistant Professor in the School of Family Life

*asterisk denotes student authors

Holmes, E. K., Sasaki, T., and Hazen, N. L. (in press). Smooth versus rocky transitions to parenthood: Family systems in developmental context. Family Relations.
*Galovan, A. M., Holmes, E. K., Schramm, D. G., and Lee, T. R. (in press). Father involvement and familywork: Influences on husbands’ and wives’marital quality.Journal of Family Issues.
*Fackrell, T., *Galovan, A. M., Hill, E.J., and Holmes, E. K. (in press). Work-family interface for married women: A Singapore and United States cross-cultural comparison. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources.
Holmes, E. K., Cowan,P. A., Cowan, C. P., and Hawkins, A. J. (2013). Marriage, fatherhood, and parenting programming. In N. Cabreraand C S. Tamis-LeMonda(Eds.), Handbook of father involvement:Multidisciplinary perspectives(2ndEdition, pp. 438-454). New York: Routledge.
Holmes, E. K., *Dunn, K. C., Harper, J. M., Dyer, W. J., and Day, R. D. (2013). Mother knows best? Inhibitory maternal gatekeeping, psychological control, and the mother-adolescent relationship. Journal of Adolescence, 36, 91-101.
Holmes, E. K., Huston, T. L., Vangelisti, A., and *Guinn, T. (2013). On becoming parents. In A. Vangelisti (Ed.)The Routledge handbook of family communication (pp. 80-96). New York: Routledge.
±Holmes, E. K., Erickson,J.J., and Hill, E.J. (2012). Doing what she thinks is best: Maternal psychological wellbeing and attaining desired work situations. Human Relations, 65(4), 501-522.
±Note: This article is a finalist for the Rosabeth Moss
Kanter Award for Excellence in Work-Family Research.
*McDaniel,B. T., Coyne, S. M., and Holmes, E.K. (2012). New mothers and media use: Associations between blogging, social networking,and maternal wellbeing. Maternal and Child Health Journal, 16(7), 1509-1517.
Holmes, E. K., *Galovan, A. M., *Yoshida, K., and Hawkins, A. J. (2010). Meta-analysis of the effectiveness of resident fathering programs: Are family life educators interested in fathers? FamilyRelations, 59(3), 240-252.
±Holmes, E. K., and Huston, A. C. (2010). Understanding positive father-child interaction: Children’s, fathers’, and mothers’ contributions. Fathering: A Journal of Research, Theory, and PracticeAbout Men As Fathers, 8(2), 203-225.
±Note: This article won the National Council on Family Relations Best Article on Men in Families by aNew Professional Award.
Hill, E. J., Erickson,J.J.,Holmes, E. K., and Ferris, M. (2010). Workplace flexibility, work hours, and work-life conflict: Finding an extra day or two. Journal of Family Psychology, 24(3), 349-358.
Holmes, E. K., *Baumgartner, J., Marks,L. D., Palkovitz, R., and *Nesteruk, O. (2010). Contemporary contradictions and challenges facing married fathers and mothers. In K. S. Pearlman (Ed.), Marriage: Roles, stability, and conflict (pp. 157-171). Hauppage, NY: NovaScience.
Hawkins, A. J., *Lovejoy, K. R., Holmes, E. K., *Blanchard, V. L., and *Fawcett, E.B. (2008). Increasing fathers’ involvement in child care with a couple-focused intervention during the transition to parenthood. Family Relations, 57, 49-59.

Robert Hudson, Assistant Professor of French Literature

“Challenging Gallicism: The Role of Hircan’s Anti-feminist Rhetoric in Marguerite’s Heptaméron (VII & XLIX).” Utah Foreign Language Review XVIII (2010): 41-53.
Mouchette and the Sacrificial Scene: Bresson’s Cinematic Anthropology.” Anthropoetics XV, 1 (Fall 2009).

Spencer James, Associate Professor of Family Life

James, S. (2018). Toward Understanding Posttraumatic Stress and Depression among Trauma-Affected Widows in Sri Lanka. Psychological Trauma: Research, Practice & Policy.
Shafer, K., James, S., & Larson, J. (2016). Relationship Self-Regulation and Relationship Quality: The Moderating Influence of Gender: Journal of Child & Family Studies.
James, S. (2015). Variation in Marital Quality in a National Sample of Divorced Women. Journal of Family Psychology, 48, 479-489.
James, S. (2015). Variation in Trajectories of Women's Marital Quality. Social Science Research, 49, 16-30.
James, S. (2012). Reassessing the Link between Women's Premarital Cohabitation and Marital Quality. Social Forces, 91(2), 635-662.
James, S. (2012). Temporal Differences in Remarriage Timing: Comparing Divorcés and Widows. Journal of Divorce & Remarriage, 53(7), 543-558.
James, S. (2015). Intergenerational Assistance to Adult Children: Gender and Number of Sisters and Brothers. Journal of Family Issues, 36(8).

Heather Belnap, Assistant Professor of Art History

Edited volume. Co-editor (with Temma Balducci and Pamela J. Warner), Interior Portraiture and Masculine Identity in France, 1789-1914 (Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2011).
Essays. "Introduction (with Balducci and Warner)" and “Picturing Paternity: The Artist and Father-Daughter Portraiture in Post-Revolutionary France" in Interior Portraiture and Masculine Identity in France, 1789-1914, eds. Temma Balducci, Heather Belnap Jensen and Pamela J. Warner (Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2011).
Book review. Ingres: Painting Reimagined by Susan L. Siegfried (New Haven: Yale UP, 2009). For H-France, online reviews for the Society of French Historical Studies, vol. 11, issue 28 (January 2011).
Book review. Modern Women and Parisian Consumer Culture in Impressionist Painting by Ruth E. Iskin (New York: Cambridge UP, 2007). For French Studies 63 (April 2009): 225-226.
Essay. “Diversionary Tactics: Art Criticism as Political Weapon in Staël's Corinne, or Italy (1807)," in Women Against Napoleon: Historical and Fictional Responses, eds. Waltraud Maierhofer and Gertrud Roesch with Caroline Bland (Frankfurt: Campus, 2007): 161-186.
Essay. “The Journal des Dames et des Modes: Fashioning Women in the Arts, c. 1800-1815," in Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide 5.1 (March 2006).

Megan Sanborn Jones, Associate Professor of Theater Arts Studies

“Imaging a Global Religion, American-Style: Mormon Pageantry as a Ritual of Community Formation.” (Book Chapter). By Our Rites of Worship: Ritual in Latter-day Saint Scripture, History, and Practice. Salt Lake City: Deseret Books, 2013.

“Civilizing Utah: Mormons and Nineteenth Century Theatre.” Mormons and Popular Culture. Ed. Michael Hunter, (ABC-Clio 2012.)

“American Women Stage Directors of the Twentieth Century.” Book Review, Theatre History Studies, Fall 2009.

Performing American Identity in Anti-Mormon Melodrama. New York: Routledge, 2009. (Winner of the Smith Pettit Award for the Best First Book of the year on Mormon History).

“(Re)living the Pioneer Past: Handcarts, Heritage, and Mormon Youth Culture.” Theatre Topics. September 2006.
“Thoroughly Modern Millie.” Theatre Review, Theatre Journal. May 2006.

Keith Lawrence, Associate Professor of English

“’Critical Consciousness’ and the Early Asian North American Realist Novel,” in Jenny Wills and Jennifer Ho, eds., Teaching Asian North American Literature, Modern Language Association, 2019. Forthcoming. [This article looks closely at texts by five authors including Winnifred Eaton and Jade Snow Wong]
“Nineteenth-Century Women’s Hymns and American Spiritual Democracy,” Literature and Belief 36.1&2 (2016), 216-41.

“Transcendent Democracy in the Hymns of Mary Judd Page, Eliza R. Snow, and Emily Hill Woodmansee,” Beauty and Belief: Seventh Literature and Belief Symposium, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, 6 November 2015.
“Shipwrecked in Japan: Nineteenth-Century Masculine Literary Progeny of American Travelers in ‘Dark’ East Asia,” American Literature Association 26th Annual Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, 24 May 2015.
“Nineteenth-Century Women’s Hymns and American Spiritual Democracy,” American Literature Association 25th Annual Conference, Washington, DC, 24 May 2014.
“The Taoist Structure of Fae Myenne Ng’s Bone,” Twelfth Annual Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Honolulu, Hawaii, 11 January 2014.

Chelom Leavitt, Assistant Professor of Family Life

Leavitt, C. E., McDaniel, B. K., Maas, M. K., & Feinberg, M. E. (2017). Parenting stress & sexual satisfaction among first-time parents: A dyadic approach. Sex Roles, 76, 346-356.

Waterman, E. A., Wesche, R., Leavitt, C. E., Jones, D. E., & Lefkowitz, E. S. (2017). Long-distance dating relationships, relationship dissolution, and college adjustment. Emerging Adulthood, 5, 268-279.

Le, Y., McDaniel, B. K., Leavitt, C. E., & Feinberg, M. E. (2016) Longitudinal associations between relationship quality and coparenting across the transition to parenthood: A dyadic perspective. Journal of Family Psychology.

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Leavitt, C. E., & Willoughby, B. J. (2015). Associations between attempts at physical intimacy and relational outcomes among cohabiting and married couples. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 32, 241-262.

Kristin Matthews, Professor of American Studies

“Reading America Reading in Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49.” Arizona Quarterly 68.2 (Summer 2012): 89–122.

“Neither Inside Nor Outside: Mari Evans, the Black Aesthetic, and the Canon.” CEA: Critic 73.2 (Winter 2011): 34-54.

“One Nation Over Coals: Cold War Nationalism and the Barbecue.” American Studies 50.3-4 (2011). (Which won an award for best article in American Studies that year.)

"The Politics of 'Home' in Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun." Modern Drama 54.1 (December 2008): 556-78.

Cold War Literature and the Politics of Reading, University of Massachusetts Press (2015).

Nicholas Mason, Professor of English

Literary Advertising and the Shaping of British Romanticism. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins, 2013. 212 pp.

"Communal Reception, Mary Shelley, and the ‘Blackwood’s School’ of Criticism.” In “An Unprecedented Phenomenon”: Romanticism and Blackwood’s Magazine. Ed. by Robert Morrison and Daniel Sanjiv Roberts. New York: Palgrave-Macmillan, 2013. 101-112.

“Consumer Culture: Getting and Spending in Romantic Britain.” In A Concise Companion to Romanticism. Ed. Jon Klancher. Oxford: Blackwell, 2009. 189-211.

Blackwood’s Magazine, 1817-25: Selections from ‘Maga’s’ Infancy. 6 vols. London: Pickering and Chatto, 2006. 2,240 pp. [Series editor and volume editor for Vol. 1.]

“Blackwood's Magazine, Anti-Americanism, and the Beginnings of Transatlantic Literary Studies.” Symbiosis: A Journal of Anglo-American Literary Relations 14. 2 (2010): 141-57.

Pam Musil, Professor of Dance and Associate Chair in the Department of Dance

Musil, P. 7-12 Dance Education Section Introduction In: Case Studies in Dance Education. Risner, D and Schupp, K (Eds) Jefferson, NC: McFarland and Company. (Invited and peer-reviewed)
Musil, P. Dancing in Bars In: Case Studies in Dance Education. Karen Risner, D and Schupp, K (Eds). Jefferson, NC: McFarland and Company. (Invited and peer-reviewed)
Musil, P. American Expectations and “Un” American Assumptions. In: Case Studies in Dance Education. Risner, D and Schupp, K (Eds) Jefferson, NC: McFarland and Company. (Peer-reviewed)
Risner, D and Musil, P. Leadership Narratives in Postsecondary Dance Administration: Voices, Values and Gender Variations. Journal of Dance Education. 17:2, 53-64, DOI: 10.1080/15290824.2017.1289213
Risner, D and Musil, P. Leadership and Gender in Postsecondary Dance: An Exploratory Survey of Dance Administrators in the United States. In: Dance & Gender: A Collection of New Empirical Research. Wendy Oliver & Doug Risner (Eds) (Co-Authored with Doug Risner). University Press of Florida.

“Aging as a Dance Artist: How Can We Value Longevity in Dance Careers?” Panel with Kate Monson (moderator), Angie Banchero and Brian Gerke. National Dance Education Organization (NDEO), San Diego, CA, October 2018 (Juried)
“Gender and Equality in Dance: Are We There Yet?” With Wendy Oliver, Carolyn Hebert, Eliza Larson, Karen Schupp. National Dance Education Organization (NDEO), San Antonio, TX, November 2017 (Juried)

Rex Nielsen, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

“Patriarchy’s Traumatic Afterlives: Adriana Lisboa’s Poetics of Silence in Sinfonia em Branco.” Forthcoming in 2014 at Chasqui, Arizona State University.
“Saudades and Returning: Brazilian Women Speak of Here and There,” co-authored with Judith McDonnell and Cileine de Lourenço, Tempo e Argumento (UDESC), vol. 2, 1 (2010): 136–152.

Martha Peacock, Professor of Art History

2014 “The Inner Cause and the Better Choice: Anna Maria van Schurman, Self-Fashioning, and the Attraction of the Labadist Religion,” (To be published 2014).

2013 “Paper as Power: Carving a Niche for the Female Artist in the Work of Joanna Koerten,” Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek (Brill, 2013), 238-265.

2012 “The Amsterdam Spinhuis and the “Art” of Correction,” Crime and Punishment in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Age (de Gruyter, 2012), 459-490.

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2011 “Out of the Kitchen and into the Fire: The Dutch Heroine Tradition,” War and Peace in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Age (de Gruyter, 2011), 557-598.

2010 Invited review of Ella Reitsma, Maria Sibylla Merian and Daughters: Women of Art and Science, Woman’s Art Journal, 2010.

2010 “The Comedy of the Shrew: Theorizing Humor in Early Modern Netherlandish Art,” Laughter in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times, de Gruyter, 2010.

2009 “Early Modern Dutch Women in the City: The Imaging of Economic Agency and Power,” Urban Space in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Age, de Gruyter, 2009.

2008 "Invited review of Nanette Salomon, Shifting Priorities: Gender and Genre in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Painting," Woman’s Art Journal, 2008.

2008 “Compatible Characters in Contrasting Cultures: Hieronymus Bosch and Jacopo Bellini,” Nord/Sud 2 (Silvana, 2008), 85-93.

2007 “Hoorndragers and Hennetasters: The Old Impotent Cuckold as “Other” in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Netherlandish Art,” Old Age in the Middle Ages
and the Renaissance: Interdisciplinary Approaches to a Neglected Topic, de Gruyter, 2007.

2006 “Anna Maria van Schurman,” Great Lives From History: The Seventeenth Century, Salem Press, 2006.

2003 “Domesticity in the Public Sphere,” Saints, Sinners, and Sisters. Gender and Northern Art in Medieval and Early Modern Europe (Ashgate, 2003), 44-68.

Leslee Thorne-Murphy, Assistant Professor of English Literature and Women's Studies Executive Committee Member

Aunt Charlotte in the Wild West: A Publication History of Aunt Charlotte’s Stories of Bible History.Charlotte M. Yonge Fellowship Journal, 9 (2009): 34-49.
“The Charity Bazaar and Female Professionalization in Charlotte M. Yonge’s The Daisy Chain.” SEL: Studies in English Literature 47 (2007): 881-99.
“The Charity Pig: Altruism and Self-Deceit in Charlotte M. Yonge’s The Stokesley Secret: or, How the Pig Paid the Rent.” Women’s Writing 17 (2010): 268-88.
This essay is republished in an edited collection: Charlotte Yonge: Rereading Domestic Religious Fiction. Ed. Tamara S. Wagner. New York: Routledge, December 2011.
“Re-Authorship: Authoring, Editing, and Coauthoring the Transatlantic Publications of Charlotte M. Yonge’s Aunt Charlotte’s Stories of Bible History.” Book History 13 (2010): 80-103.
“The Victorian Short Fiction Project: A Web-based Undergraduate Research Assignment,” Journal of Victorian Culture 16 (2011): 101-11. Co-authored with Michael Johnson of the Center for Teaching and Learning, BYU.

Kevin Shafer, Assistant Professor of Social Work

Kevin Shafer & Garrett T. Pace* (equal authorship). In press. “Gender Differences in Depression across Parental Roles.” Health & Social Work.
Bartlett, Michael*, Kevin Shafer, & Michael M.O. Seipel. 2013. “Egalitarian Attitudes and their Association with Income, Poverty, and Entitlement Program Utilization.” Journal of Human Behavior & the Social Environment, 23(8): 918-930.
Shafer, Kevin. 2013. “Unique Matching Patterns in Remarriage: Educational Assortative Mating Among Divorced Men and Women.” Journal of Family Issues, 34(11): 1500-1535.
Shafer, Kevin & Spencer L. James. 2013. “Gender and SES Differences in First and Second Marriage Formation.” Journal of Marriage & Family, 74(3): 544-564.
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James, Spencer L. & Kevin Shafer. 2012. “Temporal Differences in Remarriage Timing: Comparing Divorcès and Widows.” Journal of Divorce & Remarriage, 53(7): 543-558.
Shafer, Kevin, Spencer L. James, & Jeffry H. Larson. “Gender Differences in the Association Between Relationship Effort and Relationship Quality.” Under review, Journal of Social & Clinical Psychology
Shafer, Kevin & Todd M. Jensen*. “Family Structure and the Welfare of Women and Children: Evidence from the 2010 American Community Survey.” (To be presented at the 2014 Society for Social Work & Research meetings)

Brandie Seigfried, Professor of English Literature

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Diane Louise Spangler, Associate Professor of Psychology

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Catherine Gines Taylor, Professor of Ancient Scripture

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Paul Westover, Assistant Professor of English

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Mary Jane Woodger, Professor of Church History

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Nikwako Yamawaki, Associate Professor of Psychology

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