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Graduate Level Courses

The following are graduate-level courses offered for non-undergraduate students with interest in Women's Studies.

LAW 678 Social Policy and Feminist Legal Thought.

Prerequisite(s): First-year law courses.
Feminist jurisprudence. Various doctrinal strains in development of feminist legal theory and method; applying them to facially neutral legal issues. Rape, domestic violence, employment discrimination, historical and sociological gender treatment, and practical changes in legal profession accompanying influx of greater numbers of women lawyers.

COMM 619 Gender, Race, and Class in Mass Communications

Issues related to gender, race, and class in the communication process. Implications of current developments in critical theory and issues of diversity.

SFL 654 Issues of Gender and Ethnicity in Marriage and Family Therapy

Gender, ethnic, and minority issues in family systems, society, and clinical practice as they relate to individual, marital, and family treatment.

PSYCH 645 Cultural Diversity and Gender Issues

Clinical issues in the context of cultural diversity and contemporary social trends.

SOCIOLOGY 667 Sociology of Gender

Gender as a central organizing principle of society; socialization, social and cultural change, social movements, social stratification, and social policy.