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Women's History Month
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11/7- Fall Conference Day 1 (of 2)

  • 11AM Breakfast & Service Projects: Community Action Laundry Kits & 'The Policy Project' letter writing campaign (B003 JFSB)
  • 1PM "First to Vote: Women's Suffrage in Utah" by Katherine Kitterman & Naomi Watkins from Better Days 2020 (B192 JFSB)
  • 2PM "The Weight of Their Votes: Southern Women and Political Leverage in the 1920s" by Lori Schuyler, University of Richmond (B192 JFSB)
  • 3PM "Encouraging Women to Run" by Nicole Carpenter, Women’s Leadership Institute (B192 JFSB)
  • 4PM Small Discussion Groups with presenters (B135 JFSB)
  • 7PM Suffrage, a play by Jennifer Nii performed by BYU Theater (B192 JFSB)

11/8- Fall Conference Day 2/2

  • 10AM "In Pursuit of Women’s Equality: the Limitations of Suffrage" by Lynne Ford, College of Charleston (B192 JFSB)
  • 11AM "Diversity, Inclusion, and Deliberation" by Jessica Preece, BYU Political Science Department (B192 JFSB)
  • 12PM "‘In Politics to Stay’: African American Women and the Vote" by Bettye Collier-Thomas, Temple University (B192 JFSB)
  • 2PM "The Struggle for Woman Suffrage and the Lessons to be Learned" by Marie Cornwall, Professor Emerita, BYU Sociology (1131 HBLL)
  • 3PM Documentary Film: "LET THE WOMEN VOTE! The Women's Movement in the West" (1131 HBLL)
  • 4PM Small Discussion Groups with Conference Speakers (Location TBA)

11/22- Colloquium Lecture:
"Skandinavisk Porträtt: Women of Wonder"
by Professor Claudine Bigelow, BYU Music

The Women’s Studies program sponsors a wide variety of guest lectures, colloquia, workshops, conferences, and networking events.

Weekly Events:

Women's Studies Colloquium

The Global Women's Studies Colloquium is a forum for discussion, intellectual development, and scholarly collaboration among students, faculty, and others interested in participating in a community of Women's Studies scholars. Colloquium lectures present research findings on topics relating to women's lives and experiences throughout history, across the world, and within ethnic, educational, and economic segments of society. Students can earn 1 credit hour each fall and winter semester by enrolling in GWS 392R. All members of the university community are welcome to attend.

See the current colloquium line up here.

Annual Events:

Women's Studies Conference

The vision for this now annual event will be to facilitate a place for scholars and students from universities all over the country to share and discuss their work in Global Women's Studies. Undergraduates, graduates, and professors: all are invited to attend and share their papers.

This upcoming 2019 conference theme is "Women, the Vote, and Political Participation". Student interns are integral in the planning and putting on of the conference. The faculty head over the Global Women's Studies Conference is Connie Lamb, Women's Studies Librarian and Global Women's Studies Executive Committee Member.

Women's History Month:

March 2012 was BYU Women's Studies first formal campus-wide celebration of Women's History Month. This celebration aims to create interest and widen the knowledge of women's history among BYU students, faculty, and the community. Students are involved in the planning and putting on of Women's History Month. The faculty head of Women's History Month in 2019 is Dr. Rebecca DeSchweinitz, Associate Professor of History and Global Women's Studies Executive Committee member.

Past Women's History Month Events/Celebrations:

  • Great Women in LDS History Lecture Series
  • History Behaved: Storytelling Project
  • Women's Studies Film Series (sponsored by International Cinema)
  • Remembering Forgotten Women Panel
  • Library Special Collections Exhibit
  • Hunger Banquet: Heal the Half, Unite the Whole (Sponsored by Students for International Development)
  • Celebrating Women Banquet: Educate a Woman Change the World (Sponsored by Women in Science)

At the end of each Fall and Winter semesters, Global Women's Studies minors present what they have learned about synthesizing interdisciplinary studies of women using the knowledge and skills necessary for advanced study or work in the field. Each student seeks out and works with a full-time faculty mentor who oversees any research and writing for this senior capstone project requirement.

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The WeForShe event during Fall 2014 was a program put on through the joint efforts of many on-campus groups interested in women’s empowerment. The event focused on bringing attention to twelve obstacles, ranging from environmental factors to media pressure, that affect women globally. Together, campus entities like WomanStats, the Ballard Center, and the Women's Studies Program sought to raise awareness and look for solutions to important women's issues. The BYU Women’s Studies Program ran the woman’s education booth, which seemed particularly fitting; our program's website features a quote by former Relief Society General President and woman's rights activist Emmeline B. Wells: “I believe in women, especially thinking women.” WeForShe provided great learning opportunities, not just for the people who came, but for the volunteers. I learned a lot about women's education and found myself eager to share that new knowledge with others. Learning about education initiatives revealed to me the importance of female education and gave me hope for the possibility of change. Did you know, a girl with just one more year of education can earn 20% more as an adult? It’s exciting to think about what a huge difference could be made if more girls were allowed primary and secondary education. Another thing I loved about participating in this event was getting to know other people in the Women’s Studies minor as we worked together. In the end, I felt like I had contributed in a small way to bigger changes just by spreading awareness here on my campus. And I felt like a member of a larger vibrant--nationwide-- community of students engaged in addressing the challenges that face women and the world.