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Spring 2013

Psych 306 Psychology of Gender
4:00-6:30 TTH

Biological and social contributions to sex role development, sexual self-concept, and complementarity of sex roles.

SOC 367 Sociology of Gender
Jeppsen, Catherine Elizabeth

Through course readings, lectures, and student participation, this Sociology of Gender course will provide an overview of ways in which gender is considered within the discipline of sociology. Specifically, course participants will explore the answers to four main questions: First, what is gender? Second, what are the main theoretical perspectives within the sociology of gender? Third, how arethese perspectives related to the questions we ask about gender? Fourth, what do we do with this information?

Summer 2013

WS 222 001 Intro to Women's Studies
12:05pm-2:30om TTH
Harris, Amy

Women’s Studies 222 offers a general introduction to the field of women’s studies.  Students will learn and apply the disciplinary vocabulary as they learn about the ways history, social structures, and cultural norms affect women’s lives.  We will discuss women’s contributions to familial, social, political, religious, and cultural practices in the modern world. We will also discuss the gendered pressures both women and men face. The hope is that students will also learn the ways gender shapes their choices and thereby be able to make informed choices about their own behavior, health, education, and employment decisions. 

In addition to a textbook, students will read Joan Wallach Scott’s The Politics of the Veil (2007). They will also choose one primary source (possible sources listed below) and write about its connection to the contemporary field of women’s studies.  Class will be largely discussion based and will include fieldtrips to at least two museums (and other cultural events as available).

Possible primary sources (listed as optional books at Bookstore):

Mary Astell. A Serious Proposal to the Ladies, 1694

John Stuart Mill, The Subjection of Women, 1869

Margaret Attwood. The Handmaid’s Tale, 1998

Somaly Mam. The Road of Lost Innocence: The True Story of a Cambodian Heroine, 2009

WS 390R/ENGL 495 section 001 Women's Culture and Women's Folklore
10-11:50 MWF
Thursby, Jacqueline Schurster

In-depth study of a limited area of literature, language, or criticism. Content varies; requires research and writing. Section 001 will study women's cultue and folklore.

Psych 306 Psychology of Gender
8:20- 10:50 TTH

Yamawaki, Niwako

This course introduces students to psychological research on the experiences, behaviors, and abilities of men and women. We will study attitudes about gender, theories of gender development, and research about similarities and differences between men and women. Topics we will study include sex differences and similarities in mental abilities, personality, social behavior, and relationships.  We will also study mental health issues and experiences of men and women in the workplace, as well as look at the most current research documenting advances in gender equity and other gender related issues that continue to need attention.