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Women's Studies-Related Events on Campus


The WeForShe event during Fall 2014 was a program put on through the joint efforts of many on-campus groups interested in women’s empowerment. The event focused on bringing attention to twelve obstacles, ranging from environmental factors to media pressure, that affect women globally. Together, campus entities like WomanStats, the Ballard Center, and the Women's Studies Program sought to raise awareness and look for solutions to important women's issues. The BYU Women’s Studies Program ran the woman’s education booth, which seemed particularly fitting; our program's website features a  quote by former Relief Society General President and woman's rights activist Emmeline B. Wells: “I believe in women, especially thinking women.” WeForShe provided great learning opportunities, not just for the people who came, but for the volunteers. I learned a lot about women's education and found myself  eager to share that new knowledge with others. Learning about education initiatives revealed to me the importance of female education and gave me hope for the possibility of change. Did you know, a girl with just one more year of education can earn 20% more as an adult? It’s exciting to think about what a huge difference could be made if more girls were allowed primary and secondary education. Another thing I loved about participating in this event was getting to know other people in the Women’s Studies minor as we worked together. In the end, I felt like I had contributed in a small way to bigger changes just by spreading awareness here on my campus. And I felt like a member of a larger vibrant--nationwide-- community of students engaged in addressing the challenges that face women and the world.




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