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Fall 2014

Women's Studies Courses:

WS 222 (WS- SOC) Introduction to Women's Studies

Survey of scholarship about women's lives; new historical, sociological, psychological, and literary approaches that inform our understanding of women's experience.

WS 390R Women and the Book

Section 001
MW 4:00-5:15pm
Maggie Kopp

This course examines women's interactions with books and the written/printed word: as readers, owners, writers, and artisans. Students will get hands-on experience interpreting books and book history from the middle ages through the advent of printing in the Renaissance, into the Enlightenment, the Victorian era, the 20th century, and contemporary book arts.

WS 392R Women's Studies Colloquium

Scholarly findings presented by researchers on topics relating to women's lives and experiences throughout history, across the world, and within ethnic, educational, and economic segments of society.

WS 399R Women's Studies Internships

Credit for work on an international, national, or local internship relating to issues affecting women's lives. Students will submit a written report of their internship experience.

WS 422R Theories of Women's Studies

Introduction to the theoretical approaches to women's studies.

WS 492R Women's Studies Capstone

Synthesis of interdisciplinary studies of women; knowledge and skills necessary for advanced study or work in the field; mentored research and senior capstone project required.