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Women's Studies Conferences

Thursday, November 6

8:15 am - English Department Conference Room 4186 & 4188 JFSB 


How Family Relationships Worked for Women in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries Organized by Amy Harris
Session Chair: Karen Auman

  • Amy Harris (BYU) "Leaving a Legacy: Marital status, Gender, and Genealogical Practice in 18th-Century England"
  • C. Dallett Hemphill (Ursinus College), "Deborah Logan's Marriage, 1781-1824: Some Speculations"
  • Lisa Wilson (Connecticut College), "Whores and Bawds?: White Women in Seventeenth-Century Barbados"

10:15 am - 4186 & 4188 JFSB 

Women and the Familial in Art and Visual Culture, c. 1650-1950 Organized by Heather Belnap Jensen
Session Chair and Respondent: Jana Emmer

  • Heather Belnap Jensen (BYU), "Modern Motherhood and Female Sociability in the Art of Marguerite Gérard"
  • James R. Swensen (BYU), “Life Boiled Down: Kitchens and Poverty in the Photography of the Farm Security Administration”
  • Martha Moffitt Peacock (BYU), “Domesticity in the Public Sphere”

12:00 pm - B092 JFSB

Women's Studies Colloquium

  • Kevin Shafer (BYU), “Gendered Parenting in Stepfamilies”

1:00 pm - Foreign Language Activity Center B003 JFSB

Light Luncheon for conference speakers, registrants, and volunteers

2:30 pm - HD Viewing Room 4824 HBLL

Roundtable: Why Men’s Mental Health Matters for Women and Children Organized and Moderated by Kevin Shafer

  • Kevin Shafer, BYU Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • Wendy Sheffield, BYU Social Work Field Director
  • Douglas Wendt, BYU Master’s of Social Work Student
  • Ty Mansfield, Texas Tech Marriage & Family Therapy and Adjunct Faculty, BYU Religious Education

3:45 pm - HD Viewing Room 4824 HBLL

Roundtable: Family Life in England and America, 1690-1820 – A Roundtable Discussion with the Editors Amy Harris (BYU History), Rachel Cope (BYU Church History and Doctrine), and Jane Hinckley (BYU Humanities)

  • To be published by Pickering and Chatto in 2015, the 4-volume Family Life in England and America, 1690-1820, is the first published collection of original sources covering family life on both sides of the British Atlantic. The collection contains transcriptions of hundreds of original records (everything from parish registers and diaries to sermons and poems) to reveal how family relationships worked, how they interacted with the law, and how they met, or failed to meet, social expectations. The editors paid special attention to the voices of women – both in private collections and by published authors – to better understand the most central social institution in eighteenth-century women’s lives. The editors will discuss what they’ve learned about historical family life and the implications for women and family relationships today.

7:00 pm - Museum of Art Auditorium 260 MOA

Keynote Speaker No Joke!: Caricatures of Marriage in 19th Century France.  Introduced by Anca Sprenger

  • Dr. Patricia Mainardi is a Professor Emerita of Art History at the Graduate Center, City University of New York, and is currently a Visiting Distinguished Professor at the Beijing Jiaotong University. Her pioneering article “The Politics of Housework,” which explores the gendered division of labor within marriage, has become one of the most anthologized texts of second-wave feminism. Her early work on quilts as an American art form recognized quilting as women’s art passed from mothers to daughters. In her book Husbands, Wives and Lovers: Marriage and Its Discontents in Nineteenth-Century France (Yale University Press, 2003) she explores social and cultural elements in nineteenth-century France which play into marriage problems and adultery. She has received fellowships from The National Endowment for the Humanities, The Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, The Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts at the National Gallery of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Council of Learned Societies, the Institut National de l’Histoire de l’Art (France) and the Yale Center for British Art, and she was named a Chevalier de l'Ordre des palmes académiques de la France. At present, she is completing Another World, a study of the nineteenth-century invention of illustrated print culture.

Reception following

Friday, November 7

9:15 am - Education in Zion Theater B192 JFSB 

Marriage and Family in 19th-Century France Organized by Anca Sprenger
Chair: Patricia Mainardi

  • Claudine Giacchetti (U of Houston), “Marriage and the Code Civil in 19th century French Women's Memoirs”
  • Anne Teresa Marcoline (U of Houston – Clear Lake), “Le libre choix du cœur: Love and the Legitimacy of Marriage in George Sand’s Consuelo and La Comtesse de Rudolstadt
  • Sara Phenix (BYU), “Marriage Material: On Good Fashion and Bad Relationships in Second Empire France”

11:00 am - Education in Zion Theater B192 JFSB 

Wives, Mothers, and Daughters in an Early Modern Mediterranean Context Organized by Valerie Hegstrom, Jennifer Haraguchi, and Brandie Siegfried
Chair: Brandie Siegfried

  • Emanuela Carney (U of Illinois at Chicago), “Front and Center on the Florentine Stage: Women, Family, and the Pursuit of Saintliness in Antonia Pulci's Fifteenth-century Religious Plays”
  • Emily Tobey (U of North Carolina-Pembroke), “Long-Lost Love: A Comedia Mother and Daughter Reunited”
  • Eric Dursteler (BYU), “Fathers and their Self-Fashioning Daughters in Early Modern Dalmatia”

1:00 pm - Foreign Language Activity Center B003 JFSB

Light Luncheon for conference speakers, registrants, and volunteers

2:15 pm - Special Collections Classroom 1131 HBLL 

 Mothers, Resources, and Child Well-Being Organized by Renata Forste and Tim Heaton
Chair: Renata Forste

  • Dallan F. Flake (BYU), “Marginalizing Moms: Discrimination against Mothers in the Workplace”
  • Tim Heaton (BYU), “Are Improvements in Child Health Due to Increasing Status of Women in Developing Nations?”
  • Mikaela Dufur (BYU), Kristie Phillips (BYU), Jonathan Jarvis (BYU), and Shana Pribesh (Old Dominion U), “Shifts in Family Structure and Young Children’s Internalizing and Externalizing Behavior Problems: Comparing the United States and the United Kingdom”

4:00 pm - Special Collections Classroom 1131 HBLL 

Graduate Student Panel: Marriage and Motherhood in Modern French Literature Organized by Anca Sprenger
Chair: Patricia Mainardi

  • Aileen Christensen (New York U), “Sacred Seductions in Hugo and Musset”
  • Laurel Cummins (BYU), "Women, Marriage, and Displacement in Balzac's La Maison du chat qui pelote
  • Aliyah Johnson (Tulane University) “Mirroring Motherhood: Dolls in Vieux-Chavet’s Love, Anger, Madness and Danticat’s Breath, Eyes, Memory"

Closing Remarks


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Conference Co-organizers: 
Dr. Anca Sprenger, Associate Professor of French Literature and Women's Studies Executive Committee Member, Dr. Valerie Hegstrom, Associate Professor of Spanish Literature and Coordinator of Women's Studies

Conference Interns:
Sarah Axtell (a Women's Studies minor, majoring in Antrhopology), and Jessica Judd (a Women's Studies minor, majoring in Human Development).

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