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Fall 2011 Colloquium 

Colloquium Poster Fall 2011

Dec1 Dr. Jamie HorrocksBYU English "V.S. and W.S. : Victorian Studies and Women's Studies"
Nov 17 Dr. Heather Jensen BYU Art History "Parisian Parks, Promenades and Pleasure Palaces, or the Spaces of Bourgoise(e) Feminity, c. 1800"
Nov 3 Dr. Noel Valis Yale University "Carolina Coronado and Martha Perry Lowe: Translating Sisterhood"
Oct 20 Dr. Anca SprengerBYU French Studies "Gabrielle Roy and the Voices of the Great Canadian North"
Oct 6 Dr. Michelle JamesBYU German "She's a Girl. What Could She Possibly Think?: Giving a Voice to Early German Women Authors through the Sophie Project"
Sept 29 Dr. Valerie HudsonBYU Political-Science "The Heart of the Matter: The Security of Women and the Security of States"
Sept 8 Dr. Amy HarrisBYU History "The Daughters of Ishmael, Anne, and Jenice: Why History Matters to Women's Studies"