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Affiliated Faculty:

The College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences and the College of Humanities jointly house and sponsor Women’s Studies. Membership as a faculty affiliate is open to all BYU faculty members whose teaching, research, and/or service activities involve global or domestic women’s issues. Women’s Studies provides a supportive environment and affiliates have access to a network in which junior and senior affiliated faculty members share, mentor, and, where appropriate, collaborate on research relating to women’s issues. The Women’s Studies program sponsors colloquia, other lectures, visiting scholars, collaborative research projects, mentoring relationships, open houses, conferences, and other related activities. These activities provide interdisciplinary contacts and connections, improve research opportunities, and foster the development of women’s studies at BYU.

Women's Studies faculty affiliates serve as mentors to Women's Studies minors from all disciplines across campus. Ideally, a major in any program who wants to minor in Women's Studies could look to faculty affiliates from his or her own department or college as mentors. Affiliates also give input to help shape the future direction of Women's Studies at Brigham Young University.

Applying to Become an Affiliate

Faculty members interested in becoming affiliates should send a short vita focusing on women's studies research, teaching, and/or service work to