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April 2013 Graduation

We congratulate our April 2013 graduates from the Women's Studies Program. (Pictured left to right: Dallin Forrest, Annette Harris, Victoria Birkbeck, Britt Smith, Rachel Norby, Catie Ashley, and Nyssa Silvester.)

"I am using my Women's Studies minor every day at work as a specialized case manager for the refugee population in Salt Lake focusing on gender based violence and rape cases...It opened my eyes to many facets of feminism and helps me navigate the problems I face at work with a good theoretical foundation as well as sensitivity for the victims in trauma."  Annette Harris, WS alumna, April 2013

"The Women's Studies program allowed me to understand and embrace my femininity as I, not society, define it. I am continuing to share the principles and values of the program with the women and men around me today, helping other women reclaim and establish their own femininity." Catie Ashley, WS alumna, April 2013

"I'm currently working with high school students and applying for graduate programs in psychology, and my minor in Women's Studies has consistently strengthened both on paper and in application in a variety of settings and situations. The program has and continues to open up opportunities and insights I would have otherwise missed." Trace Lund, WS Alumnus, April 2012

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Ella Carpenter Jensen Scholarship recipients 2013

Women's Studies students in attendance at banquet

Emmeline B. Wells and Women's Research Initiative Grant recpients

April 2012 Graduation:

Student graduates 2012 with a minor in women's studies: Kyra Renee Beta, Jessica Rae Callahan, Christine Marie Clark, Shelley M. Denison, Rachel Eva Kirkwood, Trace W. Lund, Daniela Estrada Madrid, Whitney Leigh Ricks, Natalie Anne Tucker, Heather Marne Williams, and Emily Kay Zippi! (Pictured above Women's Studies Graduation Reception, April 2012 from left to right Trace Lund, Kyra Beta, Heather Marne Williams, Jessica Rae Callahan, Whitney Leigh Ricks, Daniela Estrada Madrid, and NatalieTucker.