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Research and Writing Instruction

Since our students range from freshmen to seniors, and since they come from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds, there is little consistency in their writing abilities.  In order to satisfy our learning objective to strengthen the students’ written communication skills, we recommend using the writing resources offered by the university:

BYU Writing Center

“The Writing Center provides one-on-one writing help for all students. Writing tutors are committed to helping students become better writers. They focus on the global aspects of writing: thesis construction, organization, transitions, idea development, and style. Our tutors help students at any step of the writing process, from prewriting to a polished draft. We invite students to walk in or schedule an appointment.” (from

College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences Writing Lab

Since the Women’s Studies program is co-hosted by the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences, our students have access to its writing lab.  The Lab operates in a similar fashion to the university-wide writing center: students bring drafts of papers for tutoring.  They can make an appointment ahead of time or walk in.  The Lab is located in 1049 JFSB.

Writing Fellows

One excellent way to include substantial writing instruction in your course is to work with the Writing Fellows program. Writing Fellows (one Fellow per 9-12 students) will be assigned to work specifically with your course.  They will consult with each student on two different writing assignments by reading drafts, providing feedback, and holding individual conferences.  To participate in this program, follow the link above and fill out the Faculty Request form under the Faculty tab.  You will need to request fellows at least three months before the beginning of a semester.

Library Research Instruction

Connie Lamb is the women’s studies librarian in the Harold B. Lee Library (, 2-6196).  She has put together a research guide listing significant library resources in the field of women’s studies:  Please invite Connie to give a class presentations which can be tailored to your specific research project.

She has put together a page of resources and an exercise to familiarize your students with the library research on Women's studies. Click to download the resource and to download the exercise.

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