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Course Content
Women’s Studies 222 is by nature an interdisciplinary course, taught by instructors from various disciplinary backgrounds.  Each instructor should use her or his scholarly strengths in designing the course.  In order to ensure some consistency from section to section, however, we ask that instructors include the following components in their courses.


Social Structures and Issues

Major Figures in U.S. Women’s Studies

Nineteenth Century
Susan B. Anthony
Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Early Twentieth Century
Alice Paul
Margaret Sanger

Later Twentieth Century
Gloria Steinem
Rebecca Walker

Campus Enrichment Activities
In order to take advantage of the resources available through programs sponsored by BYU’s Women’s Studies Program, we request that instructors of the course require students to attend a designated number of sessions at the following events:

Fall Semester: 
Women's Studies Conference

Winter Semester:
Women's History Month

Writing Instruction
Writing assignments amounting to a minumum of 2,000 words.
Writing Instruction Page

Library Research Instruction
Connie Lamb is the women’s studies librarian in the Harold B. Lee Library (, 2-6196).  She has put together a research guide listing significant library resources in the field of women’s studies:  Please invite Connie to give a class presentation tailored to your specific research project.

GE Global and Cultural Awareness

Women's Studies 222 has been approved by the FGEC Council as a GE Global & Cultural Awareness course. Please read the approval memo and excerpts from the review as you prepare your syllabus. Please include a Global Women's Studies Component in your course, so that your students will understand women's lives beyond the U.S. Middle class.

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