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Photos and clips from the Women's Studies Conference Fall 2012: Women and Territories

Rachel Payne-"Sympathy and Nurture: Gaskell's Restoration of Emotion in 'The Grey Woman'-Session I Nyssa Silvester- "A New Vision of America: Quiara Alegria Hudes- 'Water by the Spoonful'"- Session I John Oirya- "Women's Role in the Rapid Economic Development of post 1994- Genocide Rwanda"-Session II Valerie Hegstrom
Anca Sprenger Katie Lynn- "Kavkazkii Plennik and the Women of Chechnia"- Session II Emmy Holmstead- "The Evolution of the Hindu Heroine From Ancient Mythology to Modern Day Cinema"- Session II Samita Harnis, President and Founder of Women of the World- "Voices of Hope" Women Refugees"- Plenary Speaker
Jennifer Duque- "'Our Great Teacher, Brigham Young Understood all These': The Nontransgressiveness of Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon's Gender Performativity" Conference Atendees- Session II Rachel Norby and Britt Smith, conference volunteers
Photos from the conference banquet:  
Emmy Holmstead explains the performative roles of female stock-characters who recurrently appear in Hindu film culture. In this reading, Jennifer Duque shares an interesting sample of gendered discourse among 19th-century Mormon women. Nyssa Silvester suggests a feminist interpretation of Enlightenment-era intellectual production.