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Colloquium Poster Winter 2012


Speaker’s Name and Lecture Title:

13 January

Brandie Siegfried, BYU English--"Notorious: The Duchess of Newcastle, the Sociality of Truth, and the Beginnings of the Royal Society"

6 p.m. Thursday 26 January

Hollis Clayson, Northwestern U Art History—“Mary Cassatt’s Lamp”; 260 MOA

10 February

Tim Heaton, BYU Sociology—“Religion and the Status of Women in Developing Countries”

24 February

Eric Dursteler, BYU History—“Domineering Fathers and Renegade Daughters: The Challenge of Recovering Young Women’s Lives in the Early Modern Mediterranean”

9 March

Ana Sánchez Birkhead, BYU Nursing—“Depression and Childbirth: Where is the Joy?”

23 March

Diane Mines, Appalachian State U Anthropology—“Women, Death, and Divinity in the ‘Peasant History’ of South Indian Forest Dwellers”

30 March

Julie Melnyk, U of Missouri English and Honors—“Mothers and Saints: Religion, Vocation, and the Victorian Family”