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Women's Studies Colloquium, Fall 2012

The Women's Studies Colloquium is a forum for discussion, intellectual development, and scholarly collaboration among students, faculty, and others interested in participating in a community of Women's Studies scholars. Colloquium lectures present research findings on topics relating to women's lives and experiences throughout history, across the world, and within ethnic, educational, and economic segments of society. Students can earn 1/2 credit hour each fall and winter semester by enrolling in WS 392R. All members of the university community are welcome to attend.
Fall 2012 Colloquium Poster PDF

6 Sep Rachel Cope, BYU Church History "Discovering a Pilgrim's Progress" PDF
20 Sep Carl Sederholm, BYU Political Science "Lydia Maria Child and the Search for Religious Wholeness"
4 Oct Amy Froide, University of Maryland: Baltimore "Why History Matters: Gender and Investing in the Stock Market in the 18th-century and Today"
18 Oct Renata Forste, BYU Sociology "Socioeconomic Status, Infant Feeding Practices, and early Childhood Obesity"
1 Nov Samira Harnish, Founder and President of Women of the World, "Voices of Hope: Women Refugees"
15 Nov Sarah Coyne, BYU School of Family Life "Pretty as a Princess: Are Disney Princesses Good for Little Girls?"
29 Nov Megan Sanborn Jones, BYU Theater Arts "Mormons Think They Should dance: Why Mormon Women are Taking Over Reality TV