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Annie Samhouri, is a native of Colorado and received a BA in political science, with minors in Middle Eastern Studies & Arabic and international development from BYU. She is currently pursuing a an MS in Sociology at BYU. Samhouri has been working with Brigham Young University and the Jordanian Ministry of Social Development for the past 4 years and has worked extensively in Dar Al-Wefaq Al-Usry - the battered women's shelter that she will be researching.   For her case study, Samhouri is researching domestic violence intervention methods and services that are offered to abused women and their families by the Jordanian Ministry of Social Development. Through participant observation and semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders, employees of the Dar Al-Wefaq Al-Usry battered women's shelter and a sample of beneficiaries as well as collaboration with the Arab academic community,Samhouri seeks to contribute to the literature on domestic violence intervention methods within the Arab context. Samhouri is very grateful for all of the guidance and support that she has received from  professors in the Sociology and Middle Eastern Studies & Arabic departments