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Anne Edwards, 2012 recipient of the Beverly Nalder Scholarship

In 2010, I found myself a single mother. I had raised children for 18 years, but had not finished my education or worked outside the home. After much prayer and fasting, I knew that the Lord wanted me to go back to school, so I applied to and was accepted by BYU. I moved my family from Texas to Provo last year and began my first semester here Fall of 2011.

I am majoring in Human Development and I hope to be accepted to Graduate School, and eventually become a University Professor. I am excited about the research being done at BYU in the School of Family Life and I also have a great love for teaching after spending 4 years teaching Early Morning Seminary.

Being a full time student and a single parent is often overwhelming and scary, but I am thankful for good, generous people like Beverly Nalder who help make it all possible.