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My name is Andrea Sorenson. I’m from all over the place, but most recently Columbus Ohio. I completed my undergraduate degree in psychology at Brigham Young University (BYU). I am currently a Masters student in Psychology here at BYU. I am entering my second year of graduate school this fall. As an undergraduate I had the opportunity to participate in a research internship. On this internship I not only participated directly in the research process but was introduced to the use of nonhuman primates as physiological and behavioral research models. From this point on I became interested in nonhuman primate research.

My current research is using a rhesus macaque monkey model to look at the relationship between temperament and alcohol consumption. In order to look at this relationship subjects went through a human intruder paradigm, designed to demonstrate their behavioral responses to stress. After which, subjects were given voluntary access to an alcohol and aspartame solution for 5 weeks. I am attempting to look at this relationship to help gain a greater understanding of the underlying components of alcoholism.